bobo's on 27th text 1

6 months it’s raining boiling (creme) and 5 months it’s blowsy lousy wind--plus 1 month equals 12 months and the last is International Beach...The Germ doesn’t come out for any of those changes [any day at all really] when every Major Air Current is fed delicately through a PullDown Filter dangling from a fleet of hoverplanes. The Germ instead opts to stay in his host’s head, in a warehouse, transmitting lo-freq signals that quickly germinate terminal fetishes+wipe out entire wings of V.3.0 Macro-Corps through marathon orgies. The ones with vivified constitutions-- the ones who don’t perish, that is--implant new brands in the populace’s LobeChips through an Aneurystic Seizure of their own P2P software during key points of their wing’s Caligulan meltdown. As a result, other wings of each M-Corp rush to spawn these newly branded Products before demand reaches a mob-heat fever level, an event psychotic enough to create an entire economic breakdown. When production is unavoidably slow, M-Corp wings tend to hire Contractor-Kabals armed with identwands to inhibit or erase falsified Futurbrands from consumers’ memory banks. This technique seldom works. When these products reach Distribution Plants, they are very often faulty or tainted. However, consumers’ VirtuEgo’s have evolved to incorporate an antiquated gambler’s mania, immolating themselves on explosive palm-held devices.
Often sects of cityPods are deemed dangerously Consumptive and are led through cleansing gateway-kiosks. These reprogram the users’ 7 3-dimensional chakra-chips through wireless tech, with follow-up injections to ensure success. These groups then live out their existence monastically and are given tasks to fulfill for the common god such as rearing Milk-Oxen or Toiletissue Trees. The Germ has never seen documentation of these Bodymind Farms, but obsessively collects their locales from Neu-Message Boards for a future Rupture Piece once his Macro-Coresubvert series has be- come completely played out. However, he notes, the breadth and scale of destruc- tion resulting from the lack of common necessities (in marked contrast to simple Deconstruction of the populace’s perception of Cultural Artifacts) may overstep The Germ’s bounds of mid-level trickster deity.

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